Energize Your Online Event With an “Attendee Booster” Experience.

1. Book your event dates with us.

2. At your event one of our experienced activity leaders will be present during the breaks between speakers to engage your audience in “exercise-snacking” activities.

3. At the end of a break your attendees will record their physical activity into a form that updates your “Attendee Booster” event leaderboard.

4. Based on your preference, there will be daily prize drawings for participants or one at the end of your event.

Boost Your Attendee’s Experience to Grow Your Online Business.

Using brain science to improve your attendee's event experience.

Turnkey Gamification of your event with no effort on your part.

Giving the gift of understanding how to be physically activity while working-from-home increases customer loyalty.

Currently available at no cost to the event organizer or attendees.

What Event Organizers Are Saying

“The results of using Attendee Booster were amazing. I was getting tons of engagement and kudos from my attendees!”

Charlene Tessier

Entrepreneur, Strength in Numbers Virtual Summit

What Event Attendees Are Saying

“It now seems possible to meet my fitness goals and to lose weight.”

Allen M.

President, ABC Widgets

“I already have more energy, THE SCALE HAS DROPPED ALREADY!”

Diann A.

“I really am getting FIT in minutes a day and it was not hard at all!”

Richelle W.

We get it – online events can be draining for your attendees.

Your attendees’ state of mind will influence what they think of you and your brand.

Don’t you wish there was an easy way to enhance their experience?

Brain science shows us that getting your attendees physically active in the breaks will put them in a better mood to be more engaged and creative, leading to a superior experience for everyone.

With our science lead approach, your attendees will have their regular break between speakers and be physically active so that they show up refreshed and ready for more.

Creating a gamified experience between events adds fun and competitiveness boosting attendee’s loyalty to your brand.

Best of all, you don’t need to do anything – we do it all for you, so there is no technology stress to worry about.

No risks, all the rewards.

Sign up for your free “Attendee Booster” experience now!