Introducing The Work-Life Formula Bootcamp

Struggling To Get Fit Because You Don’t Have Time?

If you are a busy professional and you don’t have enough time to get exercise, even though you want to, and if this leaves you with a sinking feeling of self-defeat, let us help you solve this.

Is This 🥺 You?

You’re chained 🧟 to your desk or stuck in meetings all day 😫 with no time for exercise?

Are you tired of feeling ripped-off; 💸 paying for the gym but not getting results?

Do you wish that when you stand on the scale, the numbers weren’t going up ⬆️?

Isn’t it draining 😳 to have NO plan to improve your wellness?

How frustrating is it feeling low-energy 😵 all day?

You know 🤔 deep down if you don’t address these problems, things are going to get worse 💀!

Don’t suffer any longer. You can turn these around, and we will help you.

What Can You Expect?

Join The 6-Week or 3-Month Long Work-Life Formula Bootcamp, And By The End of Your Plan, You Could Achieve These Successes and More.

Weight Loss

We help you burn more calories in the time you’ve got available. During the Bootcamp, you could lose 3-10lb of weight or more.

Daily SUCCESS Plan

Success doesn’t happen without a plan. We will guide you in making a weekly or daily success plan for activity that fits your lifestyle like a glove.

Energy Boost

Have you experienced this; the less you do, the less you feel like doing? We will help transform that into; the more active you are, the more energy you have.

Over 40,000 People Benefited From Our Lifestyle Strategies.


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Meet Paul. This Was His Journey.

Hi, I’m Paul, a father of three kids and I was juggling my career, my family life, and my wellness.

I dropped the ball on getting exercise, even though I work less than 500 steps from a beautiful new gym. Getting exercise at the gym was an all-or-nothing proposition, and something always came up.

I continued to suffer from chronic back pain, an ever-expanding waistline, and a complete lack of energy – I was in a bad way and ignoring it.

Everything changed as I started developing the principles behind the Work-Life Formula program. When I experienced the incredible transformations, I knew I couldn’t keep them to myself.

Now I weigh what I did at 19 years old, I have boundless energy, and I get lots of activity without taking time out of my busy day.

Through blogging and podcasting, I have been able to reach over 40,000 readers and listeners to help them have a mind-shift and the resulting wellness transformations that follow.

With the Work-Life Formula Boot Camp, I will be giving ten special people unprecedented attention and support. I will guide you through the process of transforming your wellness and putting you on the path to reaching your goals.

There are only 10 spots, and I want to make sure you grab yours before they are gone.

Quit The Gym.

Get Exercise During Your Workday.

Did you know that by just taking a longer route to the bathroom and back, you could walk the distance of over 6.4 marathons a year?


This program includes a smartphone app that monitors your activity. You will learn strategies to get footsteps out of everything you do in your day, and you’ll discover how easy it is to be active.

Have fun making change

We know change is hard, so let’s make this fun! Get a little better every day and collect lots of fun (virtual) loot! Don’t worry; it’s not a race, this is your journey.

Accountability =  Results.

One-on-one coaching and accountability are included. Chat with your coach within the app to ask questions and get support. We are here to help you succeed.

Start Your Journey, Now!

There are only 10 seats available, Grab Yours Now!

Program starting up soon!

1. Reserve Your SPOT

There are only ten spots available for the Boot Camp so that everyone gets personalized attention. Be part of building a platform that can transform wellness. Grab your spot now, before they are all gone!

2. Schedule an Intro Call

Once you choose your plan below, you will receive an email to schedule a brief phone call with our founder, Paul D. Michaels. After a quick get-to-know-you call you can download our app and we will get you started.

3. Create A Customized Plan

Download and run our smartphone app; your coach and accountability partner will be ready to get you started. Together, figure out a plan that suits your work, lifestyle and goals to achieve during the pilot program.

All-Inclusive Price.

Join the Work-Life Formula Bootcamp and Get All These Features Included.

*Your Step Count Guarantee

Does your gym or personal trainer guarantee your results? Well, we do. Give us the duration of your plan, and we will boost your step count which is the engine that improves both your wellness and your productivity while delivering results like less fatigue, more energy, weight loss, better sleep and more creativity among many other benefits. And we’re so sure of it, that at the end of your plan, if you haven’t increased your daily average step count (by the end of the last week of your plan) by the guaranteed amount, simply request in writing that we return your money. To be eligible for our Step Count Guaranteed you must commit to working with us five days per week, for the duration of your plan.

Pilot Starts In








What People Are Saying.

“Being an entrepreneur and a parent, I’m feeling stressed out trying to balance my business and being present with my family – since they are the reason I am working so hard in the first place.

I know I could be super-charged at everything I do if I got regular exercise, but I can’t figure out how to do it without sacrificing my family-time or work priorities – it’s frustrating just thinking about this.

Pretty much every other wellness initiative says the same thing; go to the gym more, eat better and work less – I know that, but I don’t have time or the energy to figure out those things! Then Paul introduced me to his Work-Life Formula and told me that I CAN INVEST in my health and wellness WITHOUT having to give up any additional time but using the time I already have to get the stuff I need to be done.

Paul took me through the very customized Work-Life Formula discovery process to look at my unique circumstances and to be able to identify what’s best for me and my lifestyle based on the scientific framework “Physical Activity Guidelines Report, 2nd edition.”

One immediately actionable item Paul identified was a 15-minute window before meetings and presentations in which I was just stressing out and spinning my wheels. After talking to Paul, I thought I would give his solution a try. I discovered that a 15-minute walk before my meetings helped me clear my head and got me 1,500 steps of exercise for free, all without sacrificing any more time or having to go to the gym – and I felt much more creative, clear-headed and in control of these high-pressure situations.

As the Co-founder & CEO everyday life, I have meetings and make presentation all the time, and even with this one tweak that Paul identified in my work-life, I feel better, work better, and I get exercise without sacrificing my time. Paul sees productivity and wellness solutions that are invisible in everybody’s daily work and lifestyle, and he presents them in simple terms that anybody can take advantage of. I can’t wait for him to help me totally reinvent my work-life that will allow me to work and be healthy without wasting my time on other dead-end solutions.”

Jake Tamarkin

Founder & CEO, everyday life

“I was able to celebrate the successes while not feeling the failures that have made me give up in the past. Coach Paul is living what he teaches and it shows on his program!”


Regional Vice President

“Paul showed me that simply paying attention to what you’re not doing can make an exponential difference in your health.”

David Deutsch

Creative Director, Deutsch Creative

“Paul inspires people to think about their health objectives and how they can achieve their goals by implementing creative solutions.”

Karen Bradford

Managing Director, NextExec

“I discovered that a healthier life can be attained with small steps that don’t turn you life upside down.”

Robert Deiana

Former President, Rotary Club Chapter

How We Are Different.


Most activity programs push you to do more which can cause injuries and burnout. Consistency and stamina is our motto – the best plan for long-term success.

A COACH JUSt for You

AI is great for some things, but a real-life coach and accountability partner is the ultimate tool for your success.


Our technology partners take your security seriously and have built a HIPPA compliant chat platform, so your conversation with your coach is private.


Most fad diets and workouts don’t address lifestyle change. The Active@Work Bootcamp is all about guiding you to create lifestyle changes that fit you.

Track Your Progress

You can’t fix what you can’t see. Seeing the amount of activity you are getting every-day, you can make small changes that add up to huge results over time.


You  can track and monitor many statistics about your wellness. You will learn how to use them effectively, and the app is yours to keep.