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What People Are Saying

“Before discovering Walk-2-Win, I was sedentary, suffering from circulation and digestion problems. Exercise was the last priority and always got nixed in heavy workload times. I was struggling to find a way to be healthy, one I could actually do.

I joined gyms and found they weren’t a match for me or fun. I tried online challenges only to stop when they stopped. I really wanted to find something that felt fun and good for me.

The Walk-2-Win Challenge is simple and clear. The coaching is great! I have realized the benefits of walking and how I could incorporate fitness throughout my day. My goal is clear and I like that I can choose to move to a new Walk-2-Win challenge or not. I stay inspired and any questions I have are answered right away!

I realized that the Walk-2-Win Challenge was working for me when I was talking to the coach (Paul). He clearly identified a path where I could start immediately and grow from there. He helped me make a routine possible and gave me tips specific to my lifestyle. 3 weeks in and I feel energized when it’s time to walk!

I am grateful that walking, both inside and outside, brings me better circulation and digestion, less brain fog, more connection in my neighborhood, saves me gym money, and lifts my spirits!”

Ellie Ballentine

Transformational Coach & Facilitator, Ellie Ballentine - The Mindset Mentor

 “The problem I had before joining Walk-2-Win was consistency. I knew what I was supposed to do – 10,000 steps – but life gets in the way. It’s challenging as a parent of two young children and a startup founder to pull my head out of the overflowing to-do list and move my body! 

Not getting my steps was just one more thing to beat myself up about. One more thing to feed the demon of self-doubt that can cripple you at a time when you are wanting and trying to live your best life and fulfill your dreams. If I can’t even do this one thing, how am I ever going to do anything?

The Walk-2-Win community creates accountability and friendly competition and a feeling like I am not in it alone. All of those things are so valuable to me. Also, I am getting exposed to so many great ideas on how to live better, work more effectively, and engage with my family and friends in a more meaningful way.

Walking is getting so integrated into my lifestyle that I don’t notice I am doing twice as many steps as used to. It feels like no more effort – maybe even less effort. 

I am on a good path with my health, which is spilling over in so many positive ways, improving my self-esteem and sense that I really can accomplish and deserve to achieve my goals and dreams in every aspect of my life. “

Jake Tamarkin

CEO & Co-founder, Everyday Life Insurance

“I was able to celebrate the successes while not feeling the failures that have made me give up in the past. Coach Paul is living what he teaches and it shows on his program!”


Regional Vice President

“Paul showed me that simply paying attention to what you’re not doing can make an exponential difference in your health.”

David Deutsch

Creative Director, Deutsch Creative

“Paul inspires people to think about their health objectives and how they can achieve their goals by implementing creative solutions.”

Karen Bradford

Managing Director, NextExec

“I discovered that a healthier life can be attained with small steps that don’t turn you life upside down.”

Robert Deiana

Former President, Rotary Club Chapter