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How To Set Yourself Up For Success During A Crisis

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Get Fit And Boost Your Immunity WFH

Paul D. Michaels

2x your daily steps + boost your wellness, free consult

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A Free Work-Life Formula “Booster Pak” (A $149.00 Value)

The Booster Pak will boost your current step count by up to 2x. Fill out a form and get on a 20-minute call with the Work-Life Formula founder, Paul D. Michaels and together you will work out a plan to increase your steps count (which in turn increases your wellness!) that fits your lifestyle perfectly.


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Master Your Mindset to Thrive in Crisis

Ellie Ballentine

45-minute private consultation, Free

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For those of you attending this Summit, if you would like to dive deeper into mindset strategies that boost your confidence, creativity, and career, I have an exclusive offer for you! Just click on the link for a free Mindset Mastery Discovery Session:

  • Uncover/discover your biggest block.
  • Clarify your vision.
  • Identify a path to get there.

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How To Rest Every Night—Even Now

Sondra Kornblatt

Steps to Deeper Rest, free consultation call

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If you’ve tried everything, and still struggle with sleep issues and stress, let’s talk. In 30-40 minutes, we can assess where you’re struggling and come up with new perspectives and a plan for you to get back to yourself.

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Thriving As A Family While Homeschooling

Beaven Walters

A Free 30 minute parent coach inquiry call

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A Free 30 minute parent coach inquiry call. Let’s chat! I can share a bit about my parent coaching services and hear what current parenting challenges you are facing to see if working together might be a good fit.


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Boost Your Wellness While You Work

Ben Bigglestone, iMovR

A Special Discounted Shopping Experience

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We are going to give you a tour of the Sitting/Standing desks, desk converters, or treadmill desks.

Sitting been described as the new smoking and many people consider it to be more harmful to our bodies. Excessive sitting is associated with obesity and chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. Sitting is a part of so many aspects of modern life. We sit at work, on the commute, in front of the TV. Even shopping can be done from the comfort of your chair or sofa. Poor diet and lack of exercise exacerbate the problem, the impact of which can go beyond physical health—anxiety, stress, and depression have been shown to increase from excessive sitting.

‘Active workstation’ is a term used to describe a desk that allows you to switch from the sitting position whenever you feel it necessary. Standing desks, desk converters, or treadmill desks are considered the best for ergonomics and productivity.

Research shows that active workstations have a positive impact on obesity, back pain, blood circulation, mental outlook, and productivity.


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9 Proven Ways To Maximize Your Overall Health

Tanya Auger

Healthy Eating Meal Plan + Your Success Formula

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 5-Day Healthy Eating Meal Plan + Your Success Formula

Receive a 5-day meal plan including breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks with all corresponding recipes that you can easily whip up in less than 30 minutes. This meal plan is perfect to support your immune function and restore your overall health.

Receive a 30 minute video tutorial with accompanying fill-in Success Formula Companion Guide making achieving your health goal a breeze.


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Eat Food To Support Your Immune System

Aimee Gallo

Complimentary 20-Minute Call

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Complimentary 20 min call to discuss your challenges and learn how nutrition and health coaching can help.

Which foods supply the highest amounts of immune-supportive nutrients?

This call will hone your nutrient-hunting skills, allowing you to fill your cart with the most nutrient-dense foods to keep you healthy. Simple, easy recipes provided to get you started!


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Reducing Your Technology Stress

Mary “Ginger” Williams

Digital Power Tools – Your Inventory

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Digital Power Tools – Your Inventory

Why is a technology inventory so powerful?
Let me show you how easy it is to do an inventory of your digital world and why it allows you to save time, money, energy, and emotional bandwidth.

Learn how you can:

  • Be in control of your digital tools instead of feeling controlled by them.
  • Organize digital areas in life and business without feeling chaotic or scattered.
  • Really master the full extent of your digital footprint so that you can decide when you will get help from an expert… and if you really need to hire an expert at all.

I believe that everyone is their own best tech guru and doing your tech inventory is the very first practical step that helps you make space so that your intuitive abilities can be maximized in your business operations and strategies.

When you attend this livestream (or watch the replay), you will receive a template that you can download and use in your own business and life. You a gift to bring to this world… why let technology make it harder than it has to be? I’ll show you an easier way!

This is the second in a three part series:

  1. The energy of Digital Feng Shui
  2. The power in your inventory
  3. Planning for 2020 with analog & digital

This replay features part of the foundation that I teach in the Digital Feng Shui System.

As physical beings, we are used to organizing our physical spaces. Feng Shui is an Eastern Asian tradition that helps you harmonize & balance the energies in your home, office, or other dwelling… and I’ve adapted the traditional system to help you create harmony in your “digital house.”

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Work Better At Home With Yoga

Dr. Christina DiBona Pastan

Acupressure Hand Sequence Video, Free

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Acupressure Hand Sequence: A focused acupressure body balancing hand sequence to restore vitality to the hands and wrists, boost immunity, increase circulation and harmonize the nervous system.


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Working From Home With Kids

Melissa Camara Wilkins

The Find Yourself Mini-Course, Free

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.Oh hey, remember YOU? You know—the you underneath all those expectations, the you behind the mask? Let’s find THAT you again.

Join Melissa for the Find Yourself Mini-Course and get five practices for discovering who you really are, so you can show up bravely as your whole self in the world.

You’ll learn:

– What to do when you’re completely in the dark
– The superpower you already have that points you toward what’s next.
– One trick for getting unstuck when change seems impossible.
– Practices you can return to whenever things change and you need to find yourself again.

It’s absolutely free, and each mini lesson is delivered straight to your inbox.


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Free Your Mind For New Ideas To Flourish

Leslie Ellis

Free Video Series

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Check out my free video series on how to recall, record and begin to engage in your dreams.

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